Japan Livestock Industry Association

The Japan Livestock Industry Association was founded as a directing organization to promote technical innovation and stable livestock management among livestock farmers based on the resolutions of “Measures and Guidelines for the Enhancement of Stockbreeding Leadership.” These resolutions were adopted at the ministerial meeting of the then Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 1955.

The Japan Livestock Industry Association is active in a wide range of fields in stockbreeding, including financing, provision of information, investigation related to stockbreeding, and publishing activities. In addition, it participates in business management guidance in collaboration with Prefectural Livestock Industry Associations and other livestock organizations.

Furthermore, given the recent increase in the internationalization of livestock products, the Japan Livestock Industry Association also offers information through the Internet and other media as the overarching core organization of the livestock industry of Japan. Our extensive efforts include highly specialized operations that aim to respond to diverse expectations in the changing field of livestock management.

Core activities

♦ Livestock management support
♦ Guidance on sanitation for livestock and livestock products
♦ Promotions for consumption and popularization of livestock products
♦ Information provision
♦ Commendations
♦ Investigations
♦ Sectional meetings support


Japan Livestock Industry Associaciton(Japanese)  http://jlia.lin.gr.jp/
Japan Livestock Industry Associaciton